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BiGGPanTheR is founded by Joji, on January 2021 with a vision is to give a most reliable e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers. BiGGPanTheR's vision is to create a most reliable e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers.

Creating and Maintaining a Web site For a business is time consuming and cost a large amount to manufactures. Our aim is to provide a e-commerce Platform to those who wanted to sell their products without affecting their current business paradigm.

We do the business of e-commerce trading, import and export of all kind of furniture, bathroom fittings, electrical devices, electronic devices, kids items and other house hold items for business to business and business to consumers and online trading in India

The Founder is a Technology enthusiast and having a Batchelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Working as an IT Professional and having a Master Degree Data Science from Salford University, United Kingdom. BiGGPanTheR is concentrated on IOT Research and Planning to make every household devices in to smart by connecting every devices with our new product called BiGGWatch IOT Device and Android APP. BiGGPaTheR implemented this already with Solar charge controllers and is available to Indian customers for purchase from BiGGPanTheR website. More devices will available in website once we integrate BiGGWatch with all other programmable devices or equipment in a house.

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BiGPanTheR OPC Private Limited
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